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Here is your chance to own the highly sought after out of print soundtrack CD to the 1983 movie Scarface, released by MCA as an IMPORT!! The Scarface Soundtrack CD was not released in North America but it can now be purchased through this website!

Own the soundtrack to one of the most famous gangster movies ever filmed. Scarface is one of Al Pacino's most famous and influential movies! By owning this soundtrack, you own a piece of history.

See what this customer had to say: "I've never been so captivated by a soundtrack as much as Scarface. Unlike a lot of other soundtracks, every song takes you to that place of the film and captures the feeling and excitement of the moment. There is no saying to yourself "was this song on the movie" like other soundtracks. And no more skipping song after song just to hear the one that you like. Every song on the Scarface Soundtrack is a gem. Strangely, I found the instrumental tracks hold the most emotion. You can listen to Tony's theme, close your eyes and boom, you're Tony Montana! Scarface is one of the best soundtracks in movie history. I highly recommend it....mang."